Sunday, October 20, 2013

walk like a Parisian

One of the many bad things that happened just after I raised my camera (not quite high enough, as we are missing the uppermost layers of her cute layered hair) is that her rich-looking green coat lost all its woolly magnificence and looks instead like it was made out of playdoh.  Doh!  I think I can explain.  Because that is so pleasurable.  I was experiencing quite a bit of retinal dissonance with the cute haircut and gorgeous scarf at the north side and the Most Wonderful Shoes In The World all the way on the south.  At the last minute, the shoes won out.  She got them in Paris this summer and is afraid she's wrecking them by wearing them to bed and in the shower and stuff.  But I agree with her -- don't take those pups off until they disintegrate. Nonstop enjoyment.

My understanding of portraiture is that you can get all the body parts of one person into a frame, but this is a skill I'm developing.  It's in development. In fact, word to Canon -- AutoWholeBody.  My camera has all these crazy auto features -- AutoDevilEyes,  AutoDrunkPhoto,  AutoPlaydohClothes,  AutoStrangerInPerfectFocusWhileYourSubjectLooksLikeAlgae.   When I point my camera at a person and it looks like I intend to get the whole show in the frame, the AutoWholeBody feature overrides my shaky hands and gets in the topmost hairs.  I'd pay good money for that.

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