Thursday, October 10, 2013

house of twill

I was out on my bike looking for (fashion) love but you know how that goes -- never happens when that's the main agenda item.  So I called this excursion A Trip To The Co-op.  I was about to call it Time I Coulda Spent Staring At My Computer Screen when I came across a house wearing twill siding. 
See, twill is a way of weaving that results in a very tight and durable diagonally oriented fabric, example Below.  Most denim, except for the kind from Ann Taylor For Middle Aged Women, is heavy cotton twill.  But you don't see houses wearing twill that often, so I had to document and celebrate this street stylish example.  I think twill siding would, like the textile, be X-durable because the rain and snow and heavy mist gets in those grooves and just runs right off. Plus everyone knows diagonal lines are more flattering and imply movement. I'm gonna stop now.

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