Friday, October 18, 2013

the Pope of Prints. this will be explained

Obviously, I am in luv with this vintage print that extends from the linen-like woven part of the dress to the sheer poly sleeves to the covered buttons that actually do not hold down the front pleats but look like they do.  Give me a goshdarn parsley sage rosemary and weed moment here whiles I fire up the Mamas and Papas. All of you under 98 years old, go tweet your wearabouts. Ha. I also like that she's wearing this with some murdered out sneakers. (That's kind of a violent presentation, isn't it?)
Anyhoo, this print put me in mind of the 1960s master of such prints, Goldworm (see below).

Is this not mind-blowing?   The unfortunately named Samuel and Gertrude Goldworm made their trippy prints on the same Italian looms as Missoni, but think to yourself -- would you brag about wearing a Goldworm or a Missoni? In doing a little research on Goldworm, I discovered that Samuel was knighted by the Italian government, which, guess what?  Italians don't have knights, they have popes, they have guidos and they have mafia kingpins.  Of these, if I was Samuel Goldworm,  I would totally have picked the Pope of Prints.  And that's how I'm going to think of him.  All the leaves are brown the leaves are brown...

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