Monday, October 21, 2013

they got the memo

The one I didn't get. The one that instructed visitors to the Minneapolis Institute of Art to dress like Janelle Monae.  But I caught my mistake right off when I saw these two, because duh, the black and white, the hair, the neckwear, the poppin lipstick.  And while I don't usually document costumes,  these women nailed Janelle Monae so perfectly, I went ahead and broke that rule.  See?
Dang, I wish I'd gotten that memo because I can really do a Janelle Monae if I try, and I felt like a great big dummy dressed as I was, a tranny version of Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront, Part XV.  Anyway,  I was just complimenting  the Janelle Monae look-alikes on their awesome black glasses with the white nosepiece when they said they'd added that white tape themselves. Becuz, see, it was Nerd Night at the MIA, not Janelle Monae Night, and those were taped-up nerd glasses not awesome black and white Janelle Monae glasses.  Oh.  
I knew that.

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