Thursday, July 5, 2012

global warming: how to dress for it

Happy 4th of July! Hurray for Savers' lavish air-con policy such that my sweat-drenched g-string froze immediately upon entering the store! Refreshing! So, 101 degrees outside, and the woman above has something to teach us about dressing for our newly irradiated environment.  Lightweight attire like eyeliner, toenail polish and layers and layers of hair color (she did dark brown and purple).  And when you need a bit more coverage -- rings! 
I think it goes without saying that foundations will be out de do'. Britney was so prescient! Unless you're just going to go with the underpants
as shown by futurists, Balenciaga. I know what you're thinking -- heels? In our tropical swamp? I don't think so.
Sweat is the new goosebumps.

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