Friday, July 27, 2012

family jewels

This Dress Rehearsal was a complicated affair involving the Boys and Girls Club, the Jaguar/Land Rover dealership, a car show, a fashion show, models, and pop-up shops for designers Emma Berg and Stephanie Lake.  I added to the confusion by standing outside (too cheap to pony up for a ticket) in a picturesque Grapes-of-Wrath-sodhousewife frock and lesbian sandals -- legitimate attendees didn't know whether to give me a dollar for a decent haircut or if I would just go spend it on a ham bone.
These inlaws dressed appropriately for the occasion, which is to say, fully armored in one of Stephanie's neck monuments. This one is about a five year old vintage, every bit as dazzling as the day it was minted. I zoomed in so you too could be boggled by the detail, but turn your eyeballs upward again and try to imagine your mother-in-law rocking those smokin sandals like ringing a bell. Then we can talk about boggling.

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