Monday, July 16, 2012


Stinkin hot, again, at Barbette's Bastille Day bash but Joseph and his clothes of many colors were not deterred.  Dude is a foo' for rainbow brites, said he's got about 25 pairs of Converse including one just like this at home -- ha ha (if you do NOT have an uncle who lives for the opportunity to use that punchline, raise your hand).  His mom enabled by bringing the shirt home from Unique Thrift, and the tie, I dunno, just to punch up the ensemble I guess.  My favorite is the ombre socks which not only confirm the ombre trend (I am even now ombre-ing the neighbor's cat, they'll thank me someday) but could go ankle-to-ankle with my mastfoot guy's for lower extremity flattery.
Skilled as he is, our man of color is just developing his talents -- he will be attending Reed College this fall, where he will major in English.  And Awesomeness.

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