Friday, January 20, 2012

won't you be my neighbor

Mr. Rogers + Katie Perry = me shoving some ear plugged and inked bum art aficionado out of the way to get this shot because from behind, I thought she was just wearing the irradiated cardigan and floral tights. So I was a little disappointed to find the Daisy Dukes going stealth, but I came around to it to the point where this is my new favorite winter outfit. Now I've forgotten because I wasn't really listening in the first place and there's a lotta roads to nowhere in my neural network, but I think she said that flaming knitwear is old Liz Claiborne or some such.  If you went to the U in the early 90s, you probably tried to kiss up to some office admin person so she wouldn't file your work/study application in the trash which she did anyway because she felt like it, and she was sporting this wonder of lab-raised textile. Just everything about this -- the scorching pink blouse, the big expanse of floral Heidi tights that love to go awandering on Brokeback Mountain val-der-ahahahahahahahaha, the shoulder bag that got stuck in the pattern-on machine, the kiss-me-i'm-purple fingernail polish -- makes me want to try this at home kids. 

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