Friday, January 13, 2012

peepin' plaid two-fer

So much happens by happy accident -- dinner, kids, this photo.  My intent was her Paul Bunyan trifecta of animal-like presence on the noggin, swath o plaid which warms by making your rods and cones do burpies (we have discussed this before, it's absolutely documented, don't start with me) and boots w/buckles 'n brogue that will be featured in an upcoming post entitled Walker This Way.  Probly. 
But lookee here, i got two peeping plaidsters fer, well, she paid a heavy price certainly, but let's gloss that over because can you effin believe how she and d'wayne shirtsdorfer there without the head are in the same hand-in-plaid-pocket-gettin-art-i-fied pose? Almost nothing could make me happier. Natural fact. I'm just going to take a moment here and appreciate this composition.
that's enough.
As if that wasn't enough learnding for one post, we are now going to take a pretend trip to Japan, the Land of the Rising Cost of Living Sun, where, this woman tells me, Fruits have been around longer than Vegetables The Sartorialist. I know, fuckin wha? Duh, Fruits, the magazine-turned-hardcover documenting street style in the Harajuku district of Tokyo.
But Fruits (we're gonna cover our mouths when we giggle) has got nuthin on this haggard cheese eater cuz while we don't have rich kids making statements with knee socks and pointy shoes (wait, do we?), we do have
Naoto Nakada


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