Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Art Shanty Projects

We've hit the dead heart of winter, I have a mullet by my own hand, the chicest thing I've seen of late is clean Sorels. Time for some experiential art, n'est ce pas? In circumstances like this, which is to say, ridiculous, I like to go with Barb. She once danced with Lou Reed. In Las Vegas. She once danced with me when we were both wearing lighted 300-pound pig costumes. This incident was called The Rapture Holidazzle.  Anyhoo, we got our bad selves over to Medicine Lake and, as luck would have it, ended up dancing around with things the size of a Costco carton of tampons on our heads again. This incident was called The Art Shanty Projects, and I can't recommend it highly enough. artshantyprojects.org.
As if that weren't props enough,  I'm about to post some damning photographs. 
Above is Barb testing out a half-made DIY camera obscura that projects an image of what's behind you upside down on the screen/piece of paper in front of you. Thus good for bikers.
This is a stoned delighted owner of a finished camera obscura.

This is some ass riding a coyote bike on the snow at the Ice-Cycle Shanty. I had to sign a waiver that said the dimness and mullet were pre-existing conditions and not a result of falling off the coyote.

You still have time to get on over there and bake (bike + skate == bake) because the experiences in limit busting art keep coming every weekend through Feb. 5th.  Of course this looks plain stupid. Not like riding a coyote.

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