Saturday, October 2, 2010

Walker Art Center

OK, this beheading was at the victim's request (I'm all defensive about my photography).  Nonetheless, I managed to be inappropriate by single-mindedly keying in on this marvelous skirt (is that a happy day print or what) and I was halfway into my introductory spiel/trying not to sound too too creepy when I actually looked at the woman wearing the skirt and realized I knew her.  Gechhh, busted again.  Anyhoo, she's a wordy person, as handy with an adjective as a style statement, here demonstrating American Woman From a European Perspective. Aforementioned skirt she scored at a clothing swap. The boots are Icelandic. And the jean jacket is French label APC's embodiment of "hysterically normal."  I think that's because of the tacked down pleats on the front, so if you ever see this treatment again, think "hysterically normal."  Try it. It's fun.

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