Tuesday, October 19, 2010

13th Street NE, Mpls II

Looks kind of dangerous, doesn't she? No holds barred, full throttle?  Damn straight. Moments earlier, she was climbing out of the sidecar of an orange motorcycle with her similarly attired-for-action friend and, well,  the whole thing knocked me out.  That's right my pantywaist friends, the jacket is a one-of-a-kind from the Evil Knievel women's collection. You didn't know there was an Evil Knievel women's collection, did you? She demonstrated the many zippered vents that keep you cool when you're jumping your bike over 27 cars, or whatnot. Scored at My Sister's Closet on Grand in St. Paul -- my personal home-away-from-home. The super tough boots are her boy friend's, dug out of storage after five years and obviously still kicking.  The dress she found at a vintage store in Toronto which she says is like a hundred Corner Stores put together. Maybe even better than that.  What makes this whole biker thing work is a goofy-to-the-bone attitude. I look for that in a biker chick.

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