Tuesday, October 19, 2010

13th Street NE, Mpls

Guess what everyone? Anchor Fish & Chips is closed on Mondays. But NE Social Club was open and got our business, and by our, I mean myself and Quyen (left) and Barb. Quyen is rocking a harf/scat she got at I Like You and some wonderfully red clogs. The clogs look Dutch which made me think of Rembrandt and see how the red specks on the hat and the red pompoms on the scarf and the red shoes make this electric path? Rembrandt-esque composition. I cannot explain Barb -- it's best to just wonder and enjoy her.  Maybe an anecdote will shed a little light.  In 1987, Barb and her husband Bob and her mother visited Hawaii, and specifically Pearl Harbor.  Somehow, Barb's mother ran into a Japanese tourist and took a tumble as a result (also breaking her wrist in the fall but she didn't discover that for a couple days). Her mother still tells people she was wounded at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. This would seem to be a story about Barb's mother, but the apple did not fall far from the tree.

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