Friday, July 2, 2010

the tent#1

So I got a Walmart trail tent for free from my neighbor and, looking ahead to my upcoming trip to NYC and hotel prices that have bounced back jauntily from their recessionary humility, I thought to check out all my housing options. Included are: a stuff sack, a tent (and I use that term loosely; more like a tarp with some tissue-thin carcinogenic polyvinyl sewn to it), two telescoping poles, four strips of plastic rope and six fragile stakes. The half-page instructions spent a fair amount of time on site selection including positioning the door away from prevailing winds, but then rushed through the actual set up, jumping from Assemble all parts to Now your tent is ready to use! I identified an information gap the size of the Grand Canyon but I have tent experience and the limited number of parts seemed encouraging. I suffered a moment of doubt when I noted that the tent itself (not the box, mind you) was emblazoned with a logo that said Ozark Tent. Having seen Deliverance and driven through the Ozarks at top speeds, any combination of Ozarks and camping is ill-advised. Onward!

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