Friday, July 30, 2010

Louboutins in DUMBO

Truth be told, I followed the iconic red-soled towering heels into Starbucks for the public bathroom and the sweet sweet air conditioning, but even in my damp and depleted condition I recognized an opportunity that no self-respecting street style enthusiast could deny. The peep-toe, ruffled Louboutins (on which she was navigating the tricky cobblestones of Dumbo streets), and the lavishly draped and ruched frock, well it made me just giddy to see this sort of stuff walking around in the daytime, normal as anything, getting coffee. That saying about how the other half lives -- here's the other half. Oh and you can't even see the zipper on the back of the jacket, so edgy. Here's a New York thing -- she gave me her card. I say this is a New York thing because two other people gave me their cards after I took their photo and I feel like people stopping them on the street and asking to take their picture is an everyday occurrence. Anyhoo, you are looking at the CEO of By Kilian, a perfumery. Is that a word? They make perfume. Lovely.

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