Thursday, July 8, 2010

Landmark Plaza, downtown St. Paul

Gorgeous evening, so I biked down to the first of the summer dance series in which instruction is provided for free in a certain dance style, followed by music and opportunity to practice your new skills. Tonight was tango which is ambitious. I loved this woman's cute cutout back dressette but I failed to capture the teeny tiny scale of everything about her. If I'd had maybe a teaspoon with me or a pencil eraser or something you could tell how seriously small she is. The dress is an XS from Wet Seal ($10!) where she shops because it's one of the few places she can find things that fit. I like the way she played up her small frame with the very close cropped hair and girly pearls.

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Dan said...

That is my friend, Rachel! She is very tiny, and an absolutely amazing person. Quick wit, quirky mind and enormous heart. I feel very lucky to call her my friend.

Nice pictures, but one from the front would have been nice.

Keep up the good work!