Friday, July 30, 2010

Near the Highline Ballroom

Lookit, an artist amongst the Fritos. Obviously I have beaten The Sartorialist to the punch, or the photo as it were, because this guy, Daniel Barrow, meets or exceeds every requirement of that prestigious post -- somewhat androgynous quality, interesting man bag, ironic mashup of dress shirt + shorts, winsome legs, really fetching Paul Smith socks and some sort of ghillie flap brogues (click on the photo to look at em nice and close). I want to personally thank Daniel for being an artsy man in NYC and not wearing jauntily rolled up pants without socks. Thank you Daniel thank you. If more men had fine hosiery like this, I think we could nip that annoying hipsterism in the bud. If you get the chance, go to Daniel's website, He draws, and not just conclusions.

Tall, thin, Angelina Jolie look-alike -- the heat and humidity were slowing down my processing speeds, so by the time this registered, I had to get someone to hold my place in line for The Moth story slam and run after her. Other than the obvious attributes I've listed, I loved the way she'd wound that long string of wooden beads around and around. It looks kind of tribal. In sharp contrast to the great big baby blue bag and soft white leather jazz shoes which identify her as from that tribe of very good-looking people in Chelsea, sometimes extending into the Meatpacking district. This is why I heart NY.

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