Monday, October 19, 2009

Whole Foods, St. Paul

This is a photo of a DIY-er. Top to bottom. She's done this 'do herself for the past 16 years, which involves shaving the back, keeping the front trimmed up and a dose of L'Oreal ruby ("looks like catsup") as needed. When she was young(er), she sported blue or pink or other hair color not found in nature done up in a mohawk which she built with Knox gelatine or an egg white + ironing. She makes a lot of her own clothes, including the super-saturated stud belt she's wearing here. Lot o repurposed clothes which have dual advantage of having history and actually fitting her small frame. She used to have a lot of facial piercings but now sticks with tattoos in places that don't show. As much. She's mellowed.

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