Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lake Street Savers, Minneapolis

Not content to pierce his face six or seven times, Spike here went medieval on his leather jacket, thanks to Saint Sabrinas. Arm, collar, epaulets, inside the sleeve gussets, inside the pockets, he carried through his vision of punk to the last stud.

Savers had it all for me yesterday-- expressive people, a Bill Blass wool kilt dress, white wool Anne Klein duffel coat with black leather buttons in snowy perfect condition, some red tweed chunky heeled boots that cannot be denied, and another of a million Savers mysteries -- a weep-worthy pair of trippy floral Roberto Cavalli jeans. Just as Moschino eluded Savers once (so much like Mossimo), so the very rare Cavalli slipped by as the similar but dime-a-dozen Cavaricci. The instant I saw this, my pulse shot up to about 220, my palms were sweating and there was an intense feeling of euphoria in the wallet region. I came home spent. Literally.

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