Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 12th, St. Paul

This photo says many things to many people. Some pragmatists opined it was beautiful and they hurried to get out their woolly sweaters and fleece. I see my star magnolia cruelly tricked and my lounge chair befouled. Out of frame, some ivy and marigolds and tomato plants were blackened and frozen in the most hideously contorted poses. Casualties on the Russian front sprung to mind. This freak meteorological incident was not only a death knell for my garden, but also signals the beginning of a tough season for style spotting. Footwear in particular cannot survive below 40 degrees. Fashion is a zone 5-9 tender perennial. Those brave flowers who dare something more decorative than down and Uggs move very quickly from one heated building to another and the chances of spotting them are slim indeed. Further dimming the possibilities is the fact that my trigger finger is now part of a club-like mitten, and will be until May. It would be fair to say I'm not a winter person.

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