Monday, October 19, 2009

Snelling Ave., St. Paul

Proving it's all how you put it together, the girl on the left is rocking a Forever 21 knit peacoat, and on the right, a sweet mashup of Anthropologie, Target and Gap. I particularly liked the belted cardigan and the delicate pendant on the righthand style sister.

Here I will interject a defense -- I have not been slacking, I've been out there pounding the pavement, but serendipitous sightings have been thin on the ground. Assuming that the drought was weather-related, I went out and about yesterday in idyllic conditions and pedaled down Grand Ave., through Macalester College, and on to the University of Minnesota with concerted lingering in likely style-trafficked areas. Nuthin. The women above saved me from utter despair, but I'm weak with the effort for heaven's sake. Well I'm off to wheel and deal with Everyday People on Selby for a vintage Schlampp's trenchcoat. It's for Emma, not me.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those women have great style!! I love the dress and the scarf!

Anonymous said...

The belted cardigan makes it! Great styles and color combinations for fall.