Thursday, March 5, 2009

This was U of MN day and, as always, fruitful from a street style perspective. I have to think our girl of the plaid and pinstripe was a plant because she reacted to that camera like an old friend. Plus who looks that good going to class at 11 a.m.? Crisp, heeled, neatly bagged -- I can only dream of this kind of togetherness.
On the Washington Ave.
bridge, this mermaid rocked the wet look leggings (Urban Outfitters, she thought), pitch perfect with a pea coat and plaid flannel shirt. And the loose wonderful waves? Right on.

Kind of smacks of effort, but I appreciate a guy who tries. His Artfulness circled some paint on Where's Waldo specs, dirtied up this marvelous vintage corduroy coat. The baby blue leather buttons and collar tabs are his very own idea too. Out of frame but not out of mind are his net bag for books and black and red Nike Frees. Dude has a lot to say stylistically, but that's the way he rolls.

I had to run to catch up with this tall striding woman, which is my excuse for the fuzzy pic. No worries, the 24K Prada (Canal Street?) bag shows up loud and clear. Loved the over-the-knee boots (replacement for Uggs, she said) and waist-whittled down jacket. She was booking, confident, warm and scoring serious style points.

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emmajune said...

I love the artsy guy! So derelicte.