Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Generally street style is a wonderfully upbeat, life-affirming, amazing activity -- the way people put themselves together, it makes me all happy and my rod and cones jump around as if to say, "Look at that, and that, and that!" I've captured the difference between street style and mall style with these bootals that I downloaded off of an unnamed online shop that otherwise had very cute stuff. OK, you dragged it out of me -- it was Don't take it out on LuLus. Everyone makes mistakes. I saved this photo under the name dumboots. Very negative, I know. Which is why street style is so right and good -- you'd never have to denigrate these boots because they simply would never happen on the street, in real life. A very casual observer noted the liquid leggings they chose to complement the bootals. Someone was profoundly chemically imbalanced....
Enough. I received three pair of polyurethane (Californians read: vegan) shoes from GoJane today and I couldn't be more thrilled. Cheap, tarty, towering. If I start to list in these dawgs there's going to be trouble. And speaking of trouble, my camera doesn't work again. I've been out there, accosting stylish people left and right, but my camera doesn't work below 40 degrees. Interesting, because I don't very much either. Let me know if I've bruised anyone's sense of style by bashing these bootals. And then we will have cosure on the negativity and never go there again. Period.

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