Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I got rained out today but I'd like to mention something I've noticed as a style stalker. Most days, I'm willing to go to a likely spot and wait patiently in the bushes until an eloquent dresser comes along. But sometimes, I need a sure hit, express stalking. I am not a lion that can be all happy bringing down one gazelle in every 70 chases or whatever. My neighborhood is blessed with many many colleges and universities, always a fruitful source of stylish. These higher education forays have revealed distinct style quotients. The College of St. Catherine, for example, is hopeless -- girl after girl in pajamas and fake Uggs. Ugg. St. Thomas is only viable if your idea of style is closely allied with Hollister's. So much blond, so little style. Macalester begins to look up, especially when the art students are in a manic phase. Now I know the University of Minnesota wins partly by overwhelmingly massive jean pool, but numbers alone cannot explain the foment, the environment, the feng shui that produces such style so easily. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Not that I would know about that particular activity. I can be at the U for 15 minutes and get 10 great shots. It's thrilling really. Anyway, go Gophers. And pay attention, all you college-bound. Is Banana Republic your reach school, or are you looking all the way to vintage Vivier?

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