Monday, March 16, 2009

New functional camera + warmer weather = an improvement in my blogosphere. Clearly though, I have not mastered photo cropping. Marisa with Indian accent and LaRisa rocking an earthy scarf.

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ruffhog said...

Hey, grrl! I'm "lichen" what I'm seein' here!! I'm looking forward to spring, as it will provide people with a chance to show off what's under their parkas, and give you more photo ops. And the best thing about your blog (and the others you've directed me towards) is that it has changed -- for the better -- the way I look at the world in the course of my day. It's easy to go for the cheap shots, and snark about people wearing Bud Light Zubazs, etc., but much more positive to keep an eye open for people who are doin' it with style!! Saw a guy with a blazing white fedora and a white scarf, navy overcoat blowing open, on Grand Avenue... almost drove into a telephone pole!!! Keep up the good work!