Sunday, February 2, 2014

Siberia -- ok if you're not a walrus

Watching things like trees and Hondas spontaneously shatter has grown tiresome, so we popped out to the Weisman Art Museum's reindeer games marking the opening of their Siberian photo exhibit. Big score for experiential art.  Right off, we ran into Uchhrskuk and Bob wearing white after Labor Day.  Oh man, embarrassing, right?  Wrong, it's Mongolian lamb with a dope Cheap Trick-inspired blowout.  A virtual petting zoo of pelts, snacks that did not include beaver pate or fermented reindeer milk, and wonderfully atmospheric photos contributed to an evening in which I could combine the words fun, gulag and no parts of the walrus were wasted in the same sentence. And mean it.  Really appreciated the mirror juxtaposition of photos of everyday life in Siberia and northerly reaches of the United States -- same light-hearted fun (field dressing dead animals), same soothing empty horizons and charmingly rustic homesteads, each standing alone in its own time zone.  As a Scrabble player though, I was angered by the plethora of words using K in this exhibit that were ineligible for play because they were proper nouns. 
Uchhrskuk, aka the Weisman's brilliant director, picked up the marvelous headgear on one of her many trips to Kamchatka.  I think it's worn ceremonially during the moose mating season, and at other times to signify the wearer is married but would consider sharing reindeer snout with the right applicant.
There is no animal fur on these boots so they are totally useless. Thus, from Turkey.

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