Tuesday, February 4, 2014

pelts aplenty

I did not get the memo about fur at this shindig but was saved from a great big faux pas, once again, by my squirrel-inspired mullet.  So I got by, but these two -- positively killing it in the savage department.  I came up behind Emma Berg, right, who is actually sort of left-leaning, Twin Cities Designer Extraordinaire and person of interest, and let her sniff my hand before I petted.  That's genuine Mongolian goat (not to be confused with Mongolian lamb in the previous post) that she wrestled and constructed single-handedly with a regular old sewing machine. Instead of the bone needle and cat gut thread she's accustomed to. She reported the coat is hella warm but that she's had some strange cravings for cans and other high-fiber foods lately.  I didn't ask so let's go ahead and assume she also made the hat (genuine Schnauzer) and boots (real expensive).  I'll tell you what I did ask Emma in a moment, but first...

The woman on the left, who is not leaning at all, did not stalk and kill a snow leopard, nor field dress the carcass and drag it back to camp, nor stretch the hide on wooden pegs for six months, nor pin it together during construction with porcupine quills. So I paid her no mind.

Emma's usually involved in some venture that transcends mere global peace and understanding, and now is no exception. 
Working with ten young women who are members of the Twin Cities' Boys & Girls Clubs, Emma is designing prom dresses.  The associates will model their gowns in a runway show and thereafter, at their prom and wherever they feel like it.  Because they will own a bit o couture, like Daphne Guinness.  That's Emma's mission here -- to involve women who would not normally experience the haute-y world of couture.  So these young women might think,  Damn, I can literally make my dreams come true.  Also,  Who is Daphne Guinness?

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