Monday, September 9, 2013

when I have nothing to do in Schiphol Airport...

Isn't he cute?  Oh, the one in the hat too.  I try not to take photos of people who may or may not have poopy pants. I had the best layover (lay-over, perverts) ever from the cradling depths of this very comfy lounge chair with free wifi in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.  The Dutch, they make life very very pleasant, what with the coffeehouses with weed, prostitutes without diseases and bikes without hills. Here's something funny that happened -- a French journalist asked me if there was free weefee.  Considering the crap I have taken for pronouncing Mont Blanc and Lanvin like the house brand of laundry detergent from Walmart,  I really worked this guy over.  Hooted?  Oh man.  I made him repeat his question at least seven times just to hear him say weefee.  Finally, I said Oooooooh wifi. Wee wee, there is wifi. And I kept laughing for a real long time. French people like me.

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