Wednesday, September 25, 2013

as I see it

Oooo, I'm sorry.  I must have had the Auto-Stoned on.  I'll give you a minute to fire up a fattie ... and now give it a go.  That's better, right?  She's not irradiated!  This is Claire Ward, recent U of MN Apparel Design grad and one of the designers who trotted her wares out upstairs at Envision.  She had seven looks in the show.  Looks.  That's fashionspeke for outfits.  Though not of her own design, she styled the living daylights out of this look which I like to call Business Casual At Gucci.  I've called it that once. Just now.  
Claire and I had a moment of shared low standards for ambiance, hygiene and a full set of teeth. Which is to say, we both dig Savers!  Claire likes the fact that you can score orange shiny hip-swaddling pantalones for $6.99.  I like it because I can feel elegant and uppity about, well, I guess that's the thing about Savers -- there is no room for elegant or uppity, but everyone's running on about 87% glad.

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