Saturday, September 28, 2013

the Mulleavys of Minneapolis

Man this post is doomed by overwhelming fashion references that must be explained, see,  because it's so very pleasurable when I dribble on...  I'm doing it, I'm going in -- cover me.

See the headline up there?  Kate and Laura Mulleavy are the sisters behind LA-based fashion brand,  Rodarte. You know,  the ones who work for Target.  The two above are the sisters behind Idle Child, a Minneapolis-based fashion/styling/photography group.  Of two. Who do not work for Target as far as I know.  They have demonstrated one-third of their craft here by styling the crap out of their look.  Obviously, they're saying Rajastan without the camels boho-ed up in the Silver Lake neighborhood of LA and plunked down at, like, their millionth fashion show in the delightfully toxic (don't lick the walls) East Sex World neighborhood, or as I like to call it, Minneapolis, where their designs are going down the runway hip-bones first tomorrow night. But they're here tonight to support the local design community.  And presumably because then they get to create a whole nuther narrative in filmy fabrics.  Any fool can see that. And I did.

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