Sunday, August 18, 2013

sharp dressed man, sharp dressed man

Ok, I can't turn off the upstairs/downstairs format. Point n shoot cameras are surprisingly stupid complex.  
But in this case, the double frame reflects my double take as I toddled on by the uptown bus stop and saw, not a man of occasional teeth with a lot of plastic bags and a damp raccoon stuffed into a wire shopping trolley as you'd expect, but rather this sharp dressed homme.  What's the diff, you burble?  Subtle -- allow me.  His pants are dressily dark-washed, not wet.  Pocket square where leftover hamburger should be.  No duct tape over holes in shoes.  Coordinating fabric at cuffs and inside collar gives the desired look of wearing all your clothes at once without the bulk.  Hears Beyonce's voice instead of the neighbor's dog's.  Aviators that say Hey, instead of eyeballs that say Whoa. 

This is David, Assistant Manager at HammerMade Shirts, Accessories and Service in the Galleria.  I know that because, instead of some flatware and a travel bottle of Listerine up his sleeve like most people,  he has a business card dispenser.  I have never seen someone access a business card so smoothly.  Our entire exchange was one of sophistication and chill. Well, me more than David. That goes without saying. I did not even ask him where the rest of his truck was.

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