Tuesday, August 20, 2013

art direction

She said right off, she didn't know how to pose, so I said No problem and art directed the heck out of this photo.  I said, how about you stand in front of that cheese (because we were in Lund's and I like cheese) and bend one knee a little and hold your arms real stiffly down at your sides like you're in line for the bathroom in first grade. And dye your hair blond (yesterday) and get it cut real cute and piece-y. I said she could go ahead and wear the wonderfully CandyLand licorice tunic and beachballs of fun locally made necklace that she got at a Paper Darts pop-up store, because I was going for a 60s pop art concept that's what she was wearing.  I took care of the glasses reflection, told some other shoppers to stay the hell out of the picture and viola!  Art direction is easy.

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