Wednesday, August 7, 2013

living la vida Las Vegas

Oh lookit, real Japanese people seeing the real America.  Or the Caesar's Palace version of both.  This was from my overnight stay in Las Vegas of eight hours, which was about seven hours too much.  I had never been and it was cheap to fly into, so we did, but let me say right here, the Ninth Circle of Hell has nothing on Las Vegas.  I did not see one person smile without being poked by a cattle prod, everyone seemed miserable, everything was plastic, it was loud and glaring. The only good thing was that it was 106 degrees, a dry heat, by 9 in the a.m. which I enjoyed.  I took the photo above, not drunk but merely staggering along through the crush on The Strip, because I dug that they bought into the Disney-esque vibe. 

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