Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summit Ave., St. Paul

I'm partial to people biking in a skirt because I'm usually one of them. Of course she took the precaution of wearing tights which was strictly a thermal consideration. When she passed me on her awesome white-is-right-tired bike I had about a nanosecond to take in and assess her look and decide if and how I could get this shot.  Shame and looking like a foo' or a stalker are not even considerations for me anymore,  which made it a lot easier to simply zoom after her on my wicked witch of the west bike hollering out, "Hey you biker up there."  Well this is Minnesota -- instead of flipping me off, she stopped and chatted and was just so nice. Guess what is my favorite thing about her ensemble? Trick question, because it's a toss-up between the plaid hoodie vest with waistcoat hem that she got at a church rummage sale because she happened to be freezing that day, and the new Durango boots she got for a mere $100 in Wisconsin, where they presumably don't know you can get a lot more for those bad boys. 

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Anonymous said...

what a babe