Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nieman Marcus Fashion Night Out, Mpls

I went down to Niemans Friday night for the Fashion Night Out goings on, and absolutely not for the free and cheap pink wine.  I was pretty sure they'd bust me as a card-carrying rag picker, knowing full well I've never bought so much as a compliment from that Prada parking lot. But they let me in along with a bunch of people whose looks screamed of effort, and who apparently hadn't eaten in three weeks -- the full-on assault on snacks was disconcerting. Three of my raisons d'etre, above. On the left, she wore Phillip Lim and significant attitude, making up some fabulish words. Manning it up, he's got on some kind of shirt (i get cheap wine, the shirt gets no credits) and True Religion (maybe) jeans and wingtips. The hot tot on the right is doing justice to a bespoke dressette by Kerry Riley.

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