Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kokoon show, Mpls

Surprise! This blog is not about photography!  (Those of you who are now disillusioned may quietly leave, though I'm taking names). Yes, I'm all about self-improvement, and there's little discussion that my camera skills need a total overhaul, but what I really want is to share what I see and am inspired by with regard to attire. Example A above: Lovely lurvely textures. Nevermind that I made one of the ladies blink and was too impatient to take another photo. What's relevant is the vintage sheer blouse (left) with rich rich raw silk raw-edged skirt and patina'd Steve Madden boots.  There's this great progression from airy and sheer to woven and bumpy to earthy worn leather -- jump around, little rods and cones.  They're both thrift store masters. She took a "school teacher" skirt and cut it off. The edge ravels a bit more with each wearing. Her friend on the right was rocking the most sumptuous scarf, pierced belt and delish cognac-colored slouchy boots. Again with the deft use of textures, all the more apparent against the simple black dress. Thanks ladies, and sorry about the blink and subsequent beheading.

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