Monday, April 5, 2010

more stuff I'm selling

This is brand spanking new Banana Republic in a soft, snow bunny wool with knitted Mr. Rogers collar. Wait, is this a bathrobe? It's got pockets and covered seams, so if it is, it's by far the warmest, most highly finished bathrobe ever. But I think it's a coat.

Light light light as air. Isn't that trite? Pleated and full and ruffled so it's about 91% girly. The black accounts for the 9% bad/mysterious. Made by Chan Luu in size L, though that would be Asian Large which equates to American small.
Again, all of the items in the next few posts was selected from the Rockford, IL Salvation Army and will be available to all at My Sister's Closet on Hennepin. Even by my standards, this was an outrageous haul. And I haven't even included the orange shiny shorts and red gingham Wrangler western shirt "for females" that I'm keeping for my own hideous purposes.

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