Sunday, April 25, 2010

more Fashion Ball

Aye, they got some flair going on, but I was all about the bag, a piece of work created by Twin Cities artist _______. Agh, they told me twice but of course I failed to write it down. Hopefully these fine people will comment and illuminate my darkness. The bag -- wow. Felted and braided strap, upcycled wool sweater with knitted bottom and top and, my favorite touch, soft suede bits for even more texture and strength. Also some quality hardware at the attachment points. Just rich.

She had a pretty decorative bag, though not of the same provenance, and delectable gold wedges.

Showstopping leather leggings, sequined jacket, hard wared bag and fringed top. This couple could give Cavalli a lesson in wild.

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Anonymous said...

The fabulous bag done by local designer Mary Hamre. The bag can be seen on display at StevenBe: A Yarn Garage Workshop at 3448 Chicago Ave in Minneapolis, MN.