Monday, April 5, 2010

like it? My Sister's Closet

What the holy... Talk about following through with a design theme. I don't agree with it but they not only carried through the ingenue thing to the very nth degree, but they did it well -- silk faille fabric, 24 covered buttons on the front, french seams, lined. Leslie Caron in American in Paris, non? Very snug.

Nice cotton sundress but you probably can't see the gathering at the neckline and the wrap back that make it a bird of a different feather.

A lot of times I hit the Enhance button and indeed it does enhance, but in this case it freaked about the hot hot pink color and created a featureless red blob. Which does not do this awesomely pieced Girbaud jacket its due. Also, I have a soft spot for Girbaud. I don't think I had one single Girbaud item in the 80s, though I coveted them. The back of this has some horizontal pleats. It's shiny.

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