Saturday, January 30, 2010

santa cruz, ca

This is the surf break in that quintessential surf town, Santa Cruz, and those dots in the water are very small surfers. The Gidget competition was underway, for rip riders under age 16. Molly and I drove down here from San Francisco with a detour in Pacifica for the Pacifica 21K trail run. It's impossible to overstate the beauty of that trip on Highway 1. Fortunately for all, I was not driving but instead was doing a very good dog immitation -- perched at the window, sun on my fur, ears flapping, quite filthy and indescribably joyful. On a Yelp, we went to Lilian's Italian Kitchen for dinner. It was a 90-minute wait but the smell was so heavenly, it couldn't be denied. Ordered takeout and enjoyed one of the best meals ever in the cozy ambiance of our Super 8 Motel room. Did I mention we had fish and chips and a Heineken out of the can on the pier for lunch? As we watched the surf competition? Obviously, one of the best days of my life.

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