Saturday, January 30, 2010

san francisco, ca

Me in either fake or vintage Burberry outside Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. We didn't go in because it was $7 and we've already been to the definitive one in Portland. And to be fair, the Japanese garden in Rockford, Illinois ranks right up there too.

Again, same wooden stance at the Embarcadero with Bay Bridge in the background.

These painted ladies are across the street from Molly's apartment in Pacific Heights. I ended up taking a lot of photos of buildings and geographic scenery and none of people because the San Francisco architecture is stylish and the people are not. The hills render heels both irrelevant and dangerous, but there's something steeper than the hills suppressing sartorial flare. I saw a ton of unremarkable skinny jeans and Chucks or vintage frock with leggings. TSE figures large here, Comme des Garcons not so much. Stringently, rigidly laid back is the vibe.

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