Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cub on University, St. Paul

How embarrassing. I already caught these kids this past summer. St. Paul really is a small place. That, plus they're sporting their winter pimped out goth stuff now. The studs and whatnot are for traction. But seriously folks, what I like about these two is their creativity and willingness to make goth their own. Are they Martha's Kids or what? Ex., she added all those patches to her pants herself. She likes to tell people she skinned the raccoon and crafted that fine hat but it isn't true. What counts is that she was on a camping trip when she got it. Very Davy Crockett. That's a mink skull pendant. Savvy devil that he is, ordered about a thousand studs online for $30. Nearly used them up on this project, both outer jacket and layered jeans vest. Bullet belt and wristlet are sort of a violent presentation but he nails the proportion, n'est ce pas?

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