Friday, January 16, 2009



In reviewing ways to drive traffic to my blog, there was a lot of hideous jargon, unprincipled stuff that I simply won’t stand for. So I’ve decided to offer prizes, or “incentives,” in the parlance of the day, for visitors. They are pictured above, to wit: some mauve suede heel with a disturbing fluff of rabbit fur at the ankle strap. Size 7. Or for those with a more practical bent, a photo display that’s composed of a wire strung between two suction cups with sliding clips on the wire. I tried it on our frige — it works. But a caveat for frige use: better for a side-opening than a side-by-side.

So first two people to leave a comment on this site get swag. Enough of this pinging and tracking back. Who wants it? Not me. Claimants will have to provide, by highly secure means, their address so I can deliver the goods. I probably will not sell it to a budding financial planner or insurance salesman.

I may or may not continue to offer prizes for viewers, fun games, intriguing trivia and contests. One that springs to mind is a photo-documented contest of, say, least offensive wearing of liquid leggings. If someone can send a photo of someone (and that excludes Kate Moss) looking good in these atrocities, I will dream up a special prize. Of course submission may have to pass third-party rulings. Fine print, etc etc.

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