Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is this cool or what? Because I have been very very good, this was next to my Christmas tree, but in even sexier women's step-through style (which I couldn't find a photo of). Imagine that straight top frame bar executing a graceful curve, imagine the flashes of white on the back fender and the decor on the skirt guard (useful since I often bike in a skirt), imagine the silver trim on the front fender and the plush leatherette seat. Then imagine me pedaling down Summit Ave. as if this was just one of the many well-designed items in my life, as if my shoes were offhandedly European and I wore scarves a lot. Which I don't. Fear of choking. This was my Christmas present from the little man who scraped me up and brought me to the ER when both me and my last bike met forcefully with a car, completely unexpectedly. In sharp contrast, I got him a subscription to Harper's magazine. The discrepancy is not lost on me. Anyhoo, this piece of sculpture, an Electra Amsterdam, is still in our dining room because it's art. And because I can't banish it to the dark basement. It's shiny. I don't see myself going very fast on this, but rather stylishly, casually, effortlessly chic. It's sorty of raising the bar on my wardrobe, but nothing I can't handle. It goes without saying (this always prefaces what you're going to say anyway) that this object d'art will never be exposed to inclement weather of any kind. Note to self: move to California for sake of bike.

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