Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I wish I was smarter. It would be handy in a number of circumstances but most immediately in being able to position the text and photos so that they coordinate. Very frustrating because, right (write, ha) or wrong, I'm going to talk about Madge and my latest Saver's finds in the same post. It would be nice if the photo coordinated with the text to minimize confusion.
When I say something like, check out the pipes, I'm talking about this photo of Madge. Now I am a fifty year old woman who works out a lot, and I own this very same Nike running top, but that is where the similarities end with me and Madge. Don't get me wrong, good on her for staying fit and not letting herself go and all, but even before I saw this candid I was wondering to meself just how many reps on the dip machine she must be doing to accomplish shredding like this. Cynic that I am, I was thinking a lot. I am not going to say one single thing about steroids but what doesn't make sense here is the tank and furry parka. Or wait a minute.... even as I....hot, cold, 50-year-old woman... I see what's going on here. PeriMadgeal. I hear ya sister.
The two coats pictured are a small part of an enormous Saver's haul totaling about 20 items and $75. The Peck& Peck coat really is camel, 100%, with all the leather buttons in pristine condition - $12.99. The navy blob is the back gathered detail of a wool Louis Feraud swing coat with gathered cuffs and drips of silver Feraud buttons down the front. Has this Louis gotten tattier in recent years, because this vintage (maybe 70s?) coat is positively couture compared to more recent product?

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