Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still with the lack of camera. Irksome, I know. We are a visual people. But there are times when the veil of discretion is best, and considering I purchased and applied my first ever organic henna color and conditioner last night ($3.95), maybe verbal description can avoid any unpleasantness or judging. Henna Colora, as straightforward as its name, smelled like hemp or boiling cabbage and looked like poo, but I was prepared for this by the saleswoman at William Marvey Beauty Supply, open to the public. I left it on, under a plastic shower cap (7 cents, William Marvey) for 1-1/2 hours. It was grainy upon rinsing and I shampooed per instructions with a fragrant shampoo. Grains banished, stink remains. I trust the eau de hippie will wash out eventually. Onward to color. I bought Mahogany, which was reported to produce a deep copper. True enough on the top half of my hair. The bottom half is, I will admit, a bit crusty and has some residual color from a dye job done 1-1/2 years ago! The bottom half took on a tone that is distinctly cheaper than mahogany, more in the orange to brassy range. It's not all that subtle. My hair's willingness to hang onto color worries me a little when I look at the bottom half of my hair. Luckily, this is the part that gets cut off when you have a trim. I have already booked the daughters for this procedure. Less is more where this stronger version of henna is concerned. Nonetheless, I'm pleased in a general second-glass-of-wine way. Several years from now, when this has washed out, I may try the Burgundy, which the saleswoman said was dark -- and she said dark like she meant to say hideous.
Part II of this post is that I am definitely definitely into high tight collars as an accessory, completely separate from anything below it. It's something kind of naughty but prim for your neck.

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