Sunday, July 13, 2014

rebel in a white dress

Flowy white dress with touches of lace, check.  Whimsical wishbone pendant, check.  Little bit o cabin moccasins, done.  And with that, our rebel lands a roundhouse kick to both festivalwear and biking convention.  Showing true commitment to an overlooked color in the outdoor industry,  both her bike and helmet are also white.  I personally was a little disappointed in the black tires, but that's just me.  She and her biking bruh were about to get their fest on at the Basilica's nunsense Block Party, where I had gone to skulk around outside with the scalpers, trolling for people, men or women,  not in jorts and cowboy boots.  I would like this woman's style on a bike,  in a boat,  at a fest,  under arrest ... Sam I am... 'Kay but really,  given the soul-crushing conformity going on round about,  her rebel stance was really uplifting.  She often bikes fully kitted out as above, doesn't worry about mussing this one up because it's just Zara, and has a license to do this because she used to be a musician.  But now she's a real estate lawyer, which she said is a different kind of paycheck mental challenge.
I rudely did not ask the guy anything.

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