Tuesday, July 8, 2014

oh look, she has ethnic hair

See, because ethnic means colorful, right?  Or does it mean rayon? At the State Fair, ethnic food is Jewish, i.e. challah bread.  Oy.  Remember the goddess of stone fruit?  That is an allusion to a post several years back in which a woman was wearing harem pants, Hindi sweat pants, and holding a bag of descended testicles that looked like nectarines. If I remember correctly. I dredge up this bizarre story because, again, we find goddesses sporting the spoils of a trip to Costa Rica or Target.  Maharubycrown on the right,  colored her own hair in a semi-permanent state of hotness that is so Run Lola Run... Oh there I go with an ancient reference again. That's the way I roll and these two rule.

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