Wednesday, June 11, 2014

new face of Target?

Meet Jasmim, a multicultural model with Vision who just did a photo shoot for Target.  She's just black enough, white enough, maybe hispanic, pretty enough, tall and thin enough to make everyone and their uncle say, Heck yeah, gonna get some Merona into my life. 
But hear me oh judgers who think her life is a whole lot easier because of genetically gifted femurs:  Fat people, short people, people with moles, dumb people, those with noses like tubers and a smile like the state of Oklahoma -- THEY ALL HAVE IT JUST AS HARD AS SHE DOES.  She spent whole decades of her life not caring about her size 0 hips and her perfect teeth, but rather fixated on her 1000-watt hair. And not liking it. She's looked like this since she was 16.  She's 31, and just turned pretty.  Liking yourself is a long hard road, as anyone who has caught their reflection in a window and thought, Damn I didn't know Barry Manilow was in town*, can attest, but that's what makes Jas and you me so much more than a pretty face.

*Strictly an example pulled out of thin air that has not happened to me.

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