Thursday, May 29, 2014

stalking in the rain

This satisfies my one requirement when I go to NYC, which is to walk fast behind someone and take a jiggly unauthorized photo whilst dealing with a fistful of questionable halal food, a steamer trunk/handbag that may or may not hold another outfit like in first grade in case there should be an incident, a king-size subway map and platforms + cobblestones with a high likelihood of leg-snapping injury. It's what's known as stupid a New York moment.

What clinched it for me was the chrysanthemum-inspired black lace overskirt.  Also the super shot of her achilles tendon. And the fact that I was on my own for a few minutes in this otherwise highly scheduled trip.  I find, others do not like to be around me in this mode.  Street stalking is best enjoyed alone.  Like teriyaki flavored beef jerky.

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